What we do

We want to make a lasting improvement on the way people live. This is why we help promising startups in the fields of healthcare, life science, and performance materials to become ready for the market. We see our startups as partners that shape the future together with us. Our Accelerator Program promotes startups in the early stages and takes place at our headquarters in Darmstadt, Germany. In addition to this, we engage in satellite Programs in the African startup hotspots Nairobi, Cape Town, and Lagos.

Are you working on a big bang company?

We are looking for startups with the potential to reshape entire industries and make people’s lives richer.


Prescription and over-the-counter pharmaceuticals as well as solutions in the areas of allergies, biopharma and biosimilars.

Life Science

Innovative tools and laboratory supplies for the life science industry that make research and biotech production easier, faster and more successful.

Performance Materials

Specialty chemicals and functional materials, such as liquid crystals, chemical surface solutions, surface medication & functionalization, or high-tech materials for electronics.

Additional Search Fields

Future technology products leveraging Bio-Sensing & Interfaces and Precision Farming.
These nascent areas are part of the additional innovation fields we specially focused on.

Discover our Programs

Join our global Innovation network through our global activities and tap into a network of 50,000+ experts and alumni across 66 countries. Take your chance!