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Accelerator | Startup Matibabu meets their idol Bill Gates
Malaria diagnosis without the use of a needle - that’s what Matibabu’s smartphone app does. They have created a product with real value for society, just like their idol Bill Gates.
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Startup Matibabu meets their idol Bill Gates #BigBangMoment

What would you do if you had the chance to meet Bill Gates? − Learn what Brian Gitta, co-founder of the startup Matibabu, did when he got to do just that. Scroll down to watch the full video!
The Matibabu team, a startup from our Accelerator Program, had the chance to meet Bill Gates. This meeting was a childhood dream come true for Matibabu’s co-founder, Brian Gitta.



In 2013, Gitta began his startup journey with the idea to create something that would have an impact on a big health problem in Africa. He created a smartphone-based app that can diagnose a malaria infection without the use of a needle. Matibabu’s product could eliminate the need to draw blood for diagnosis, and people do not necessarily need to see a doctor for a diagnosis anymore. This app wouldn’t just benefit lives in Africa, as malaria is an epidemic worldwide, endangering the lives of 3.2 billion people. The earlier malaria is detected, the better the chances are for the infected person to be cured. Using Matibabu, affected persons can get a diagnosis within 60 seconds by placing their finger on a red LED and light sensor. Shortly after, the diagnosis results appear on the smartphone screen.

For Gitta, the knowledge that he could play a role in the process of eliminating malaria motivated him to pursue his idea. Matibabu is a technology that aims to improve society for all who interact with it, a vision in line with Bill Gates’ desire to eradicate the world of diseases like HIV and malaria and to create products that add value to society. With these shared key values in mind, Gitta was excited to be able to meet one of the most influential people in the world:

“It was a great experience to meet with Bill Gates because we got to talk extensively about aspects of health and diagnostics, mainly as they affect Africa. He also shared his views on what strategies his foundation, the Bill and Melinda Foundation, are working on. They are focused on more sensitive points of care tests to support the various elimination strategies deployed in the field.” (Brian Gitta)

Besides the co-founder of Matibabu, six other African innovators and startups attended the meeting as well. All together, they discussed how technology and innovation can improve development in Africa. On the basis of Gitta’s question about which health issue in Africa Bill Gates was most concerned with, they started a short discussion about how important early detection is to the elimination of several diseases. Furthermore Gates came to talk about the issue of malnutrition in Africa, and how, focusing on it in a combination with  health, education and opportunity, they can make a true impact on the youth of the continent. This discussion was organized as part of a series by “MTV Base Africa.”

Watch full video here:


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