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Accelerator | PEAT: Receiving the CeBIT Innovation Award 2017
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19 Apr PEAT: Receiving the CeBIT Innovation Award 2017

Another great news from one of our Accelerator alumni PEAT!

PEAT, a graduate of our fall 2016 Accelerator just won the first prize in the CeBIT Innovation Award with their plant disease diagnostic app Plantix. The app diagnoses diseases in plants from user-submitted photos and suggests treatment methods. In this way, it aims to reduce the amount of harmful pesticides and plant deaths. It also builds up a community of users who can diagnose each other’s sick plants, and its machine learning capabilities can incorporate new diagnoses into its database.

The final round was a presentation of the app in front of a multi-disciplinary jury of academics, editors from leading tech and innovation publications, and industry experts.

The prize is supported by German Federal Ministry of Education and Research, in collaboration with CeBIT, the largest and most international computer expo in the world. As well as international recognition and a coveted presentation spot at the CeBIT conference, the prize also brings a windfall of €50 000.

While the app is currently targeted at amateur gardeners and allotment growers, PEAT also sees industrial uses for its technology in the long term. For example, it could be integrated into agricultural drones and robots to improve crop yield. This could have lasting implications for agricultural wastage and world hunger.

For the time being, PEAT are focusing on expanding internationally; they are already testing and prototyping for the Indian market.

And of course, they are celebrating this great #BigBangMoment. Onwards and upwards, PEAT!

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