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Accelerator | VERIPAD: Improving My Strategy with Google Mentors
​Experience your #BigBangMoment with our accelerator. Access our global experts network, benefit from professional mentoring and get up to 50K funding for your startup.
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19 Apr VERIPAD: Improving My Strategy with Google Mentors

It’s time for another round of success stories from our former startups. Since our first intake in 2015, so much has happened. To kick off, we want to take a look at VERIPAD – a team who joined the Accelerator program in Nairobi last year for a 3-month period to tackle the issue of counterfeit medicine. Only a few months later, they are celebrating their first #BigBangMoments and already have a series of events that accelerated their growth under their belts. One of them happened while they were still in the Accelerator program: VERIPAD were assigned three mentors from Google as part of the “Adopt a Startup” program. Continue reading to find out what the program is all about!

Adopt a Startup is an initiative from Google to accelerate the growth of high potential startups. Over the next few months, Google mentors and startups will produce a marketing and customer acquisition strategy. The focus of the program lays on the development of a content marketing strategy, a cost-per-click keyword marketing strategy, advanced skills in Google Analytics and a KPI overview. The mentors working with the startups were chosen to best match with the startup’s needs. VERIPAD’s mentors are Jason Leder, Justin Nabozna, and Amir Rouzrokh.

On the 9th December of 2017, the CAO (Chief Administrative Officer) of VERIPAD, Y-Lan Nguyen, who joined the team in April 2016, presented the final marketing strategy at Google NYC. In addition, VERIPAD received further funding of about $25,000 from Zahn as the first prize winner of the Zahn Social Impact Prize. They also participated in the Zahn Summer Incubator in New York.

We are really happy about VERIPAD’s progress after leaving the Merck KGaA, Darmstadt, Germany

Accelerator, and wish them all the best in their future development! More #BigBangMoments are coming, for sure.

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