The Innovation Center

The Innovation Center at our HQ in Darmstadt is a fundamental element of our plans for the future. As a complement to classic research and development, the Innovation Center is a place where technologies and competencies from a variety of fields can come together. Here, Individual elements are melded into ideas and projects. This creates products and services outside the existing business that will help us to succeed in the future.

What we do


They are nascent areas in science, technology or business; intrinsically attractive to us. They provide direction on which areas of opportunity to focus our activities and efforts and are key in driving the innovation process. Our first Innovation Field is Bio-Sensing & Interfaces – additional ones are currently being defined.


We connect external ideas to us through our Global Accelerator Program based in Darmstadt and other external ideation activities such as hackathons and our Satellite Programme in Africa. We are committed to building a community that exchanges knowledge and innovations, working with experts, research institutions, companies and customers.

Internal Ideation

We Foster internal ideation, project inception and progress. The Innovation Center fosters, develops and hosts cross-divisional innovation projects within us. We aim at motivating employees to work together and come up with new disruptive ideas outside their normal business. With Think Tanks we analyze future trends and technologies working closely with external experts. Or Innospire, our most diverse internal ideation channel, we support employees to create strong value propositions businesses.


We organize offline and online training sessions to strengthen innovator skills and innovation culture. The Innovators’ Academy seeks to enhance both the technical and personal skills of employees and startup teams, helping to foster a community of innovators.

Centuries of Innovation

We are a leading science and technology company in healthcare, life science, and performance materials. Around 50,000 employees develop technologies that improve and enhance life. Since 1668, we has been working to advance innovation. Over the years, the requirements have changed. Thanks to digitalization, access to knowledge has become faster and easier. These advancements have blurred the lines between classic segments of industry and commerce. Today, innovation needs more space than ever before to facilitate exchanges between people with a variety of perspectives and backgrounds.